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    Antonio Rowry graduated from DePaul University with a degree in Business Administration and Management, where he focused his studies on new venture enterprise and organizational frameworks. As a member of Blueprint at DePaul University’s Coleman Entrepreneurship Center, a structured program for DePaul students to launch and grow businesses and social ventures, Antonio went on to win the Illinois Technology Associations “50 for the Future” award, which recognizes students for their outstanding achievement as future participants in the technology industry. Since high-school, he has leveraged his talents by pursuing entrepreneurial ventures, cofounding the Edison award-winning 21st Century Youth Project, a program that teaches middle and high school students to create web and mobile apps, along with hardware and 3D-printing training; Code Chicago, which teaches beginners how to create web, gaming, and mobile applications; and is a co-founding COO of BLUE1647, an award-winning network of entrepreneurship and technology innovation centers.


    The 21st Century Youth Project was also featured in CNN, Chicago Crain Business, Silicon ANGLE, WBEZ Vocalo, received the first Illinois Broadband Innovation Grant, and won a Gold Medal at the Edison Awards in Education and Curriculum, voted on by over 3,000 executives and academics. Antonio's background and experiences have provided unique insights in education, organization management and entrepreneurship, but his interests and knowledge-base spans a broad spectrum of industries and sectors.


    With a passion for building organizations that make the world a better place, Antonio's mission is to enhance diversity in tech and entrepreneurship.


  • Rahm Emanuel, Mayor of Chicago

    "The technology sector in Chicago is a growing, crucial area that will have an enormous impact on the City's economy in the future. I am pleased that organizations like BLUE1647 are focused on improving the diversity of the sector and ensuring that as our economy grows it reflects the diversity and vibrancy of the city's people."

  •  My work

    Purpose and motivation that extends beyond profitability into achieving significant social value.

    Engaging students in entrepreneurial activity.

    21CYP teaches advanced technology as a path to opportunity. It is a free comprehensive program that prepares low-income middle and high school students for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) careers. The program focuses on improving skills Today (through teaching and tutoring), Tomorrow (through coaching and mentoring), and the Future (through internship placement), with an entrepreneurial focus. Key deliverables for student participants are creation of mobile apps for (Google Android, iPhone, iPad etc.), accompanying business plans, accrual of college credits and case studies on their resumes and portfolios because of hands-on tangible skills gained through internship placements. Learn more here.

    Helping visionaries turn nothing into something.

    Code Chicago is a series of hands-on, mobile (Android & iOS), and web (Ruby on Rails, HTML5, Javascript, CSS) programming courses, where every participant will work with one another and join in the spirit of collaboration and learning.


    In addition to providing talented individuals with technical guidance, the program also seeks to help build up communities in and around the Chicago area. We hope this will enlarge the market of people that can affect change and solve problems in our communities, but also come out with cool apps that solve everyday problems for everyone. Learn more here. 

    Our purpose is to nurture a community that drives social innovation and change.

    BLUE|1647 is an entrepreneurship and technology innovation center focused on education (through classes and workshops), workforce development (through internships), business acceleration, and economic development in technology and 21st century skills. As a beacon of resource through physical space and curated programming, BLUE|1647 provides impactful individuals and organizations resources to realize their ideas for a better world.


    BLUE|1647 is also featured in Mayor Rahm Emmanuel's first-ever City of Chicago technology plan. Our BLUE|1647 community is a vibrant example of the ways in which creative professionals, entrepreneurs, change-makers, and nonprofits can come together to make meaningful, lasting impact. Learn more here.

  • Metrics


    BLUE|1647 Members


    Taken STEM classes or workshops


    Web developers & e'preneurs


    Hardware + Electrical Engineers


    Web developers-in-training


    Int'l e'preneurs




    Locations: Chicago, St. Louis, Milwaukee, Compton, L.A., NY, NJ, Haiti.


    Youth received cohort-based trainings.


    Cities impacted.


    Hours of in-person digital training


    Over 83% of our students continue to code.

  • More things I've worked on.

    Other creative projects and experiences.

    North Shore Logistics Group

    NSLG was a private venture based in Chicago that I started right after High School with three friends, focused on emerging mobile technology (eCommerce), art, and Internet service industries (web design). While the organization was a side-project for all members, collectively we were able to achieve growth. I’ve worked with a stellar group of creatives. I learned to absorb new information quickly, and efficiently transfer this knowledge to launch new ideas and innovative solutions for ventures.

    Academic Tutor

    I have gained extensive & valuable experience working in many environments requiring daily use of teamwork with teachers, and parents. I tutored a wide variety of subjects: Literacy, Writing, Reading, Biology and Math. I helped students learn what cannot be found in a book: how to read and understand directions, how to answer their own questions, and lastly, how to grasp that success, in anything, does not come without personal responsibility. I acquired the ability to evaluate needs, and then develop plans that will spur progress and growth.

    Full-time student and Entrepreneur

    I am a DePaul Driehaus College of Business graduate with a degree in Business Administration and Management with Entrepreneurial studies. As a student, I was a dual scholarship recipient, Tau Sigma National Honor Society member, Blueprint (Entrepreneurship Club) member, and a DePaul Business-plan Course Competition winner. As a student, I gained strong organizational skills, and managed a constructive and diverse schedule while building ventures.


    My interests are expansive, and my experiences have reflected, and will continue to reflect a commitment to: development of any venture that is focused on the advancement of the sciences, technology, social change, education and applying the techniques and innovations of startups to make a sustainable impact.

    • Illinois Broadband Innovation Fund Recipient

    • Illinois Technology Association Gala Award Recipient (Fifty Future The Future Award)

    • A Gold Edison Award Recipient in Education and Curriculum

    • 2016 Chicago Innovation Award

    • 2016 Chicago Innovation's "50 on Fire" Civic Award.

    • 2017 recipient of the ChicagoNEXT Award.

  • BLUE1647 Films 

    Our first produced and directed documentaries about BLUE1647 covering our Innovate to Elevate Hackathon in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and expansion to St. Louis.


    This documentary film chronicles our 24-hour hackathon that focuses on a group of ethnically diverse teenagers using technology to try to solve socio-economic problems in their underserved communities. Read more here.


    This video documents one of our youth Hackathons', CodeBLUE, in partnership with The Remix Project, Joseph Chopin and Chopin Productions.

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    "I see the best minds of my generation elevating themselves by conscious endeavor" ~ Thoreau.